Monday, March 19, 2007

Detective Comics #829 review

Spoiler warning, as plot details are discussed. If you haven't read this issue, you probably shouldn't read this.

This was a good issue, the story was engaging, and had some really nice moments of emotion and kinship shown between Batman and Robin, emphasizing their new relationship as father and son.

Look at that cover. Dr. Wertham would be proud. Batman standing behind Robin, who is covered in some kind of goo.

This is why people think you're gay, Bruce.

That aside, Batman as Bruce Wayne holding a peace summit in Wayne Tower? Very cool, and it's nice to see him portrayed as using his vast wealth for good, beyond simply buying bat-themed gadgets.

The bit at the beginning about how precious Wayne Tower is to him, as a token of his parents is a bit too blunt foreshadowing for my taste. The second he said it, I knew there was going to be a bombing in the issue. But it segued nicely into talking about one thing more precious to Batman, and introduced Robin into the scene, in the guise of Tim Drake (or is it Wayne now?) uncomfortable in his tux and feeling out of place among the high rollers.

Vox seems to be a fairly disposable villain, pun intended, as he is essentially a high tech suicide bomber. His liquid C4 gun is sweet, though. The way he squirts it around makes me wonder how he can get a detonator in each puddle and keep track of which is which, but that's probably overthinking things.

The angle of Bruce stuck in his secret ID because of the crowd of hostages has been done before, but it's done well here, as he makes good use of his cell phone and PA system to make people think he's in two places at once. Robin dashing into one of Wayne Tower's secret closets helps, too.

The issue ends on a nice cliffhanger, with Robin in deathly danger and Batman nigh powerless to rescue him, let alone the building and all the other hostages. It should be wrapped up next issue, in keeping with Detective's recent run of self-contained, one or two issue story arcs.

Overall, good stuff and well in keeping with DC's new angle on Batman: Hope in the darkness.


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Slacker Ninja said...

"Hope in the Darkness" hmmm? That's an interesting angle to take him.

I still think the 'Deranged, violent, psychopath for goodness' is a much more accurate characterization. (Or at least an indicator of a thriving economy.)