Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marvel, what the heck?

So I gave the DC artists at Superman a hard time last week for sexist costuming and posing, but little did I know what Marvel was working on at the same time...

Heroes for Hire has been getting more and more anime/manga influenced, as have many Marvel titles, but going so far as to have these three hung up as victims threatened by tentacles? What the hell? Also, sources say Misty Knight's hair is impossible, but I find that to be a fairly minor complaint. After all, Marvel brought us Wolverine, and god knows his hair is imaginary.

But that's not all. Not only is Marvel embracing the worst aspects of anime, they attempt to hearken back to fifties sexuality with a sort of bizzare modern twist with this new Mary Jane Watson "comiquette".

Apparently, washing the spider-threads at the laundromat is dangerous for the secret ID, oh, wait, he doesn't have one anymore. Well, then maybe Stark Tower doesn't have a washing machine anywhere. Or maybe MJ just doesn't trust Jarvis with it. Regardless, I'm certain there's a good reason she's doing laundry in designer jeans and pearls, right? Maybe they just went to a concert, and she didn't feel like changing.

Now I'm not going to turn this into a blog about women's roles in comics, (for that, read Girl-wonder) but this is really beneath you, Marvel. Sex sells, but assuming your entire audience is composed of sexually frustrated teenage boys is a great way to ensure that it will be soon.

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Mister Speed said...

I am sorry, but I think that the tentacles cover is frankly just hilarious, and the statue thing beyond simply out of proportion.

Mary Jane is a bimbo. She might have some character after that, but let's not forget that she was an avowed party girl and social thrillseeker, lingerie model and actress. She would absolutely wear a thong, or at least would when she was a little younger; and she still dresses a little trampy. Yeah, the pose is a little over the top, but nontheless. Also, I would think it fairly obvious that the spidey-suit would be washed by hand at home. Even if no one cottoned on to the secret identity thing (btw, this statue was concieved before the unmasking) it could be damaging to the livelihood of someone that takes pictures of spidey for a living.