Monday, May 14, 2007

Seducing Superman

Superman #662 was pretty good. It was kind of a slow paced issue, as Superman is investigating and thinking about things he's learned, but I'm really enjoying Busiek's latest tale, and the questions it raises for the Man of Steel are really good ones. Namely, "Am I doing too much?"

I just had one niggling problem with the issue, really.


She's pretty much the go-to hero in the DCU for all things magical, and I have no problem with that. Her "magic words" or cigam sdrow are a neat silver age gimmick that I enjoy.

Her costumes have always been racy, drawing from the sexy assistant school of vegas magicians. But this is just ridiculous:

Yes, she's searching for her PANTS. And maybe a shirt.

No woman, no matter how relaxed and comfortable she is in fishnets, is going to sit (or float) crosslegged in a thong, right in front of a man.

Unless... she wants him.

"namrepuS, kcehc tuo ym hctorc!"

Zatanna is a JLA reservist. She knows Superman's secret ID, and therefore that he's married. Is she trying to score with the Last Son of Krypton, or are the artists just that sexist?

You make the call.

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Slacker Ninja said...

Buahahaha! no way! That's hilairious I love the uncomforate look on Superman's face as he looks at the wall in the second picture. Priceless.

And it seems to me, frankly, that it's perfectly in character for Zatanna to be flashing Cal El the goods. 1) She's never had a very happy or stable love life, hell, she went out with Constantine for a while. 2) Zatanna's most conservative costume was a Playboy bunny suit and a top hat. 3) Two Words: Rehtaf Seussi.

It's true, mainstream superhero comics have NEVER been a place to find progessive portals of women. It's almost like they're trying to sell books to thirteen-year-old boys.